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Toubkal Summit 4167 m

149 EUR


3 Day






22 Km

         The summit of Mount Toubkal is the highest mountain peak in Morocco and North Africa, and the seventh highest peak in Africa, counting the highest peak in each country, with a height of 4167 metres. Mount Toubkal belongs to the mountain range of the Western High Atlas, and is located in the Al Haouz province, 80 km south of the city. Marrakesh, located within Toubkal National Park.

+  The start will be from Marrakesh at 17:00 (the starting point is the Winxou gas station in Sidi Mimoun).

+ Arrival to the village of Imlil.

+ Equipment rental for those who lack something (rental is not included).

+ Go to Douar Armad, where you will stay overnight and have dinner in a beautiful, traditional hotel and enjoy the view

+ Waking up in the morning, heading towards the breakfast table.

+ Breakfast in the morning, then enjoy the most beautiful nature overlooking the majestic Toubkal mountain range

+ Meeting with some of the brothers and getting to know them. They are the guides and mule owners who will accompany your visit to carry the luggage to the Toubkal shelter.

+ The beginning of the journey towards the Toubkal shelter, passing through Shamharouch, 2300 metres

Walking may take about 7  hours

+ Lunch for an hour and a break for a few minutes to enjoy the atmosphere in the second café after Shamharoush.

+ We continue the road to the Toubkal shelter. Upon arrival, we exchange expertise and experiences between the team and drink tea. We wait for dinner and an overnight stay in the shelter.

+ Breakfast at the shelter in the morning, then preparation to begin the final stage of the ascent.

(About 4 hours of walking back to the summit of Toubkal and back towards the Toubkal shelter, about 2 or 3 hours)

+ Go down to the shelter and take a half-hour break.

+ Lunch at the shelter.

+ After that, we will start descending towards the village of Imlil. (Approximately 3 hours down).

+ We are waiting for the means of transportation that will take us towards the city of Marrakesh.

+ Transportation duty from Marrakesh.
+ Duty to spend the night in the village of Imlil.
+ It is obligatory to spend the night at the Toubkal shelter.
+ Dinner on Friday.
+ Breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturdays.
+ Breakfast and lunch on Sunday.
+ The duty of “mules” to carry the luggage.
+ Trip cook duty.
+ The duty of guides.
+ Duty to accompany.

+ Rondouni shoes.
+ Pants for Rondouni.
+ A jacket for Rondouni.
+ Polyester underwear.
+ Les Bâtons walking stick.
+ A helmet to protect the head.
+ Gloves for Rondouni.
+ Sunglasses.
+ A hat for the head.
+ Your own first aid kit.
+ Crombo + Ice Ax Crampons + Piolet (if there is heavy snow)
+ A 30 liter backpack for Rondouni.
+ Sac de Couchage sleeping bag.
+ Lampe Frontale head lamp.
+ Waterproof package.

Note :

+ Cancellation of reservations is not accepted 7 days before the start of the trip.
+ Some details of the trip or the place and time of departure may be changed depending on the circumstances.
+ If the flight details change, you will be notified.
+ Program details and price can be changed if it is not possible to climb the mountain (decision by the authorities, weather conditions…).

+ The flight may be canceled if sufficient seats are not available to cover the expenses.
+ We have equipment for rent (you can contact us for the rest of the details).

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